Sweet Dreams Security company with a sense of humour

I recently found out about a company called Sweet Dreams Security.

This is a security company with a difference founded by Matthias Megyeri sweet dreams security prides its self on making home security aesthetically pleasing. Matthias who studies at the royal collage of art started his journey with security when he started working on an art project photographing city life. He soon began to understand the paranoia around protecting your home and belongings in a big city.

Here is a quick selection of some of the products that Sweet Dreams Security have on offer.

Find out more at the Sweet Dreams Security Website

DIY and Insurance

If you are planning to carry out a DIY project it is a good idea to make sure that you are covered by your insurance policy before you start. Property prices across the UK are slowing and as a result there has been a huge increase in home owners improving what they already have rather than opting to sell. Many of these keen DIY'ers are trying to add value to property so that when the property market improves they are in a good situation to sell and make a tidy profit. However many home improvement projects that are botched can actually end up costing the home owner money.

If you are planning to carry out a DIY project that involves any structural changes to your home like moving an internal wall it is best to check with your insurer as in some cases failure to inform your insurer can invalidate your insurance policy.

This is another thing that you should consider when planning a DIY project.

Planning a DIY Project

It can be exciting taking on a home improvement project but everyone knows that things can and will go wrong and when they do they can hurt your wallet or even worse hurt yourself. The accident statistics as a result of DIY projects gone wrong speak for themselves.

Once you have decided on a home improvement project no matter what size of project there are some key steps to follow that will help you avoid you subtracting from the value of your home rather than adding value to the property.

Budget for your DIY project

Environmentally Friendly Home

A kind reader of DIY Focus sent me a message the other day with a link to this YouTube video featuring Oliver Heath former presenter of changing rooms talking about recycling and environmentally friendly materials for building and furnishing your house. I decided to add the video to the site as recycling is something that we should all be doing.

Oliver showcases a house that he has recently done up and talks us through some of the clever environmentally friendly things that he has done from using re-claimed aged timber floorboards to having a kitchen work surface made from 85% crushed recycled glass. Other clever ECO friendly features include a table made from recycled plastic and glasses made from recycled bottles.

I loved the Recycle Now Magic Gag!

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