Laying Laminate Flooring

Laying a laminate floor may seem daunting but lety our guide help you through the process.

Before you start the whole process it is best to have a think about the type of laminate flooring that you want. There are various types of laminate flooring on the market from basic laminates that look like wood or tiles to more advanced laminates that are textured so that you would not be able to tell that the flooring is laminate at all.

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring Spacers
  • Laminate Underlay
  • Jigsaw
  • Tape Measure

Measuring the flooring area

When measuring the area of the floor that you want to cover add 10% for wastage from cutting the laminate flooring.

Lift the skirting boards?

There is an option to lift the skirting boards in the room to fit the laminate flooring snugly under or the other option is to use specialist laminate flooring edging that is available in most DIY shops and can also make for a good finish.

Prior to laying the laminate floors, it is best to store the flooring within your house to allow the flooring to acclimate to room temperature. It is important to do this to avoid the flooring from expanding and contracting during installation.

Lay the foam underlay first, this cushions laminate flooring and helps to reduce the noise.

Laying the flooring, choosing which way the flooring will go in the room will help to create the look and may even help a room to look larger than it actually is. Laying the laminate flooring across a room can help to make the room seem wider.

Start laying the laminate longways connecting each plank to the previous plank using the tongue and groove style connections ensure that there is space between the wall by placing the spacers tight against the wall and pushing the first row of laminate hard up against the spacer when to get to the end of the row flip the last piece of laminate flooring upside down and mark with a marker and cut along the blank side of the laminate.

DIY Focus Tip – Cutting on the opposite side will help to avoid any chips or scratches on the printed side, we know this from experience.

Work your way backwards away from the row of laminate that you just set and start to lay the next row. It is always a good idea to use the end of the laminate that you have just cut for the start of the next row. Do not do this if the section is too short. This can not always be done it depends on the shape of the room.

I find the best way to lay the laminate flooring is as you go ensuring that you have spacers against any walls allowing the laminate a gap.


Laminate flooring around a curved, rock fireplace hearth

We want to lay laminate flooring that will have to be fitted around a curved, rock fireplace hearth. Not only is the hearth curved, but is "bumpy" because it is made of large rock.

How would we finish the edges - where it goes around the fireplace? Is there a flexible moulding? Or would we use a 'grout' of some kind?

laminate LOC flooring

I want to lay LOC locking laminate flooring in the bathroom. There's already a flat surface of old thin vinyl flooring which is intact. Would I be able to use that as the underlay or even lay the underlay on it. Or should that be stripped ? The house is old and the floor boards elsewhere are uneven.

Laminate Flooring on Vinyl

Some vinyl flooring has padding on the back and could be a good insulator of sound, I can see no problem laying laminate on top of the vinyl flooring if it has soft backing like some vinyl flooring it could work well. If it is hard vinyl flooring I would lay underlay on top of it.

DIY Daddy - DIY Focus Admin

Curved edging to laminate flooring

So many of the publications showing laminate flooring show curved edges where laminate and carpeted areas meet. I understand there are joining bars which the laminate clips into on one side and covers the carpet edge on the other side but all these bars are for straight edging only.
How do I join laminate to carpet where a curve is required?

Laminate flooring underlay

I am enquiring about how to lay the underlay, I have heard you lay it at right angles to the direction of the boards, is this correct? Do you butt the edges together or tape them? I have also read that you overlap the skirting board and then cut off the surplus after laying

Laminate Underlay

Hi Dave

When I have put down a laminate floor I overlapped the laminate underlay above the skirting board and trimmed it after, I also found that the underlay moved a bit while fitting it, a staple gun soon fixed that. Some people will tape the edges of the underlay and trim to the wall, I have always laid the underlay at right angles as you have suggested.

DIY Daddy - DIY Focus Admin

Laminate in kitchen

We are planning to fit the ceramic tile looking laminate in our kitchen next week. We don't really want to lift the skirting boards so will need to use the edging / beading. My question is about that as some of it will be against the skirting board (fine) but some will be again the wooden kitchen units so will stand out if they're a different colour. The floor is a beige colour and the units are a darker wood - so I'm not sure what beading / edging to get! Any hints?

Laminate Edging

I would get a sample of each type that you think is appropriate and see what it looks like, It is a matter of personal preference. Most good DIY Stores will allow you to return the one that you are not happy with especially if you are about to purchase more edging to finish the job ;-)

Let me know how you get on.

DIY Daddy - DIY Focus Admin

Laminate Flooring in a flat

I want to put laminate flooring in my living room and hall way. I just wanted to know if living on the 4th floor of a flat would make any difference to what type of underlay I would need to put down, or if living above someone would may the laminate flooring rise because of the heat from below??

Is there a special type of glue I would need to put down or would the underlay do the job??

I would recommend using the

I would recommend using the standard laminate underlay, there are other types of underlay that insulate against noise but I wouldn't worry too much. You don't need to use glue except to fix the laminate floor edging.

DIY Daddy - DIY Focus Admin



I think I am going to give this a go but wanted to ask about the edging, what kind of glue is best? I have been told to use pins and am considering buying a nail gun but if glueing them looks ok then I may just do this, I am not keen on having nail holes in the edging anyway...

Assuming something like no nails? Is there a super strength one that will keep the edging down for years?

Laminate Floor Project

Hi Shelley

No Nails Glue is exactly what I used in my old flat and I never had any problems with the laminate edging. Some edging that I have seen is made of similar material to the laminate and would not fix to the walls with nails.

Best of luck with your laminate flooring project, let me know how it all goes!

DIY Daddy - DIY Focus Admin

This guide is a great aid

This guide is a great aid for my weekend flooring project.. thanks!

I'm laying some laminate flooring

I'm laying some laminate over the weekend, this was the perfect DIY guide for the job. Thanks!

Laminate Floor Edging

In my last flat one of the big DIY projects that I did was to lay a laminate floor, I was lucky as I got to know the guy in the flat opposite who had recently put down a laminate floor himself, So I asked to see how the floor looked.

He had lifted the skirting boards in his flat so that the laminate floor sat neatly underneath. He commented that it took a long time and he had broken some of the boards trying to get them off the wall I decided as soon as I spoke to him that I was going to use laminate edging rather than lifting the skirting boards.

I got some nice edging that could be glued directly on to the skirting boards the finish was good and I saved my self the hassle of lifting the skirting boards.

I would recommend that if you are planning to sell the flat and don't want too much hassle go for edging for the laminate floor.

DIY Daddy - Focus DIY Admin

Laminate Edging

I'm looking to lay laminate flooring in my living room do you have any more information about edging, I am doing the flat up to sell and want a good finish to add value to the flat.



Laminate Floor Edge

I find that using 25mm quadrant shaped beading from any good DIY store does a good job, you can stain it to match floor or paint it to match skirting. Plus it works out quite a bit cheaper too. Hope this helps. Good luck..

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